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  • Blog Notes: Instagram Contest – Geek Fingers & Toes

    Through the course of the past six months, I’ve run a lot of contests that are Facebook heavy.  This month I want to switch it up a bit!  Let’s play along on Instagram!  I’ve never run an Instagram giveaway before so please be kind.  ;-) Theme I’m very excited that we have our geek sugar […]

    Blog Notes: New Product Line! “Fictional Brews” Scrubs & Lip Balm

    We finally have the sugar scrubs & lip balm line out!  Very excited! I’ve always wanted to make my own beauty products and wanted to tie in my geeky drink label art.  Inspired by “Earl Grey, Hot.”, I started the concept of making sugar scrubs with tea & essential oils.  (Along with sugar and coconut […]

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